Using crystals for healing offers a wide variety of options at Celestial Earth Minerals for an affordable price. It is a complimentary modality that utilizes crystals, and a number of other stones, as conduits for utilizing natural sources of healing energy. The stones we sell are the gifts from the Mineral Kingdom that help neutralize negative energy while channelling positive energy sources into a person’s body to help maintain a healthy balance to help and protect against dis-ease

Using crystals for healing is an ancient modality that has been used for thousands of years. Chakras are the energy centers or vortices of life force energy that correlate to specific organs and emotions in a person’s body. Using the crystals from our website, Celestial Earth Minerals, for healing purposes, is one way in which you can incorporate different healing modalities into your life.

Crystal healing has become an extremely popular practice at New Age and Metaphysical clinics and health spas. These techniques are often incorporated into Reiki and massage therapy sessions. Using our crystals in with these healing modalities can help to induce relaxation among other benefits.

How Crystals For Healing Work

Crystals from our website, Celestial Earth Minerals, have healing properties that are based on the properties of their chemical makeup, vibrational frequency, and color. If you visit a crystal healer for assistance, they will likely place a number of our crystals and stones on your body to align with the chakra points. The most common areas that these crystals are placed is on the chest, abdomen, throat, forehead, hips and just above the head. The stones that are used and the way they are positioned are also typically selected based on the symptoms being experienced by the client. The placement of the crystals is influenced by the knowledge of chakra system, energy imbalances and information given by the client to the practitioner. It is meant to compliment modern western medicine not to replace it.

Becoming a Crystal Healer

The majority of crystal healers will become healers by passing a certain certification course. Many of these courses are offered online; however, others can be taken in clinics and universities. This is a practice that a number of massage therapists have also begun to offer as a complimenting type of alternative medicine to massage therapy. One on line course that is accredited is The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

Using our Crystals For Healing enhances your life. Remember, that the quality of the crystals is extremely important, and we offer a number of high quality options from our website, Celestial Earth Minerals. While we are still growing, we provide crystals and minerals that are of exceptional quality for both healing practitioners and collectors.